FLL Undergraduate Chinese Program


Some say that because the Chinese language is so ancient - well over 3000 years old - the natural evolution and development of the language have transformed it into one of the simplest and most elegant languages in the world today. With no inflection of words to indicate person, gender, number, tense or mood, the meaning of the sentence relies on context, word order and tones. UNM’s Chinese program, offering elementary, intermediate and advanced courses, will teach you how to navigate this elegant language spoken by about 25% of the world’s population by connecting the language to the cultures in which it is spoken.

More specifically, the Chinese curriculum aims at offering an integrated experience of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin (the national language of mainland China and Taiwan). An initial introduction to Hanyu Pinyin, the system of phonetic spelling for Chinese Mandarin, allows students to comprehend the oral Chinese language. Exposure to the Chinese writing system, such as radicals, and the evolution of the Chinese characters is crucial to the student’s competency in Chinese. The structured sequence of instruction in the four language skills prepares students linguistically to meet academic and career needs.

Undergraduate Advisor - Xiang He

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