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Maxime Lenglin

Photo: Maxime Lenglin
Office: 327A
Office Hours: M W 12:00-1:00, W 3:00-4:00 and by appointment


I first earned my B.A. in English as a Second Language and then moved on to an M.A. in American Culture studies in France as these have been of a strong interest to me. I am now turning to French studies at UNM to know more about my own culture.

Teaching French is one of my early experience as I started in England helping students earn their A-level, equivalent to a High-school degree in other countries. After having helped students develop their skills in English and in business related topics, preparing them for international experience and taking standardized tests for more than 10 years at an International Business School in France, I am now helping UNM students in French acquisition at the 101 level.

Probably influenced by my experience as an International Exchange Student here at UNM and the traveling over Europe that followed, I am particularly interested in how cultures interact and influence one another and this has extended to a particular emphasis on first and second language acquisition. This also lead me to taking on a new M.A. in French studies to acquire a deeper understanding of these different processes in a research institution.

I believe I am here to help others grow at personal and professional levels and in return help me to do the same as learning is simply an on-going process that may take on various forms.