Stephen Bishop

Associate Professor of French

Photo: Stephen Bishop

Phone: 505 277-4771
Office: Room 323C

Personal Statement:


  • Undergraduate Advisor, FLL. (August 2006 - )
  • Member, French/CLCS professor search committee. (October 2005 - February 2006)
  • Member, Africana Studies Curriculum Revision Committee. (August 2005 - )
  • Member, FLL Curriculum Committee. (August 2005 - )
  • Member, MLA Executive Committee – Law as Literature Discussion Group. (2002 - 2004)
  • Director, French Summer Study Abroad Program. (August 2001 - )
  • Assistant Director, European Studies. (August 2000-August 2001, September 2004 - )
  • Member, International Studies Institute Advisory Committee. (January 2004 - )
  • Member, UNM International Task Force. (January 2003 - )
  • Faculty Advisor, UNM Lacrosse club. (August 2002 - )
  • Co-Faculty Advisor, UNM AFRICA Group. (August 2001 - )
  • Faculty speaker, Incoming Student LOBOrientation. (Summer 2000, 2002-2006)
  • Member, European Studies Summer Scholarship Committee. (Spring 2000, 2001-2003, 2006)

Educational History:

1999, Ph.D. in French and Francophone Literature, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

1994, M.A. in French and Francophone Literature, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

1993, J.D., in Law, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

1992 (Jan - Jul) Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Law, Institut des Etudes Européennes.

1990, B.S., magna cum laude, in Biology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Research Interests:

My professional orientation is in Francophone literature and legal discourse, exemplified in my book, Literature and Legal Storytelling: The Irony of Legal Opposition in Cameroon (Lexington Books, 2007), which examines ways in which people contest the dominant legal and social order in Cameroon through reading and writing legal stories that ironically portray the inadequacies of current government policies. Aside from a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in French, Comparative Literature, Africana Studies, and European Studies, I teach a Summer study abroad course, taking groups of students to Paris and south France, including the Cannes Film Festival.

Particular Research Topics

  • African literature & culture
  • Legal discourse/Law & Literature
  • Québécois literature & culture
  • Francophone cinema

Selected Publications:


  • Literature and Legal Storytelling: The Irony of Legal Opposition in Cameroon.
    (Lexington Books 2008).

Articles & Book Chapters

  • Hallucinatory Mimicry and the Quest for an Identity à l’Orient.
    In Dalhousie French Studies (Winter 2006).
  • Literature in the Law: The Legal Clando in Cameroon.
    In Cycnos (Droit et Littérature, special edition). 19(2). (2002).
  • Black Hats, White Faces: Banning ‘les Westerns’ in Cameroon.
    In Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery. (1996).
  • From a Judicial Authority to a Judicial Power.
    In Juridis Périodique. 33. (1998).
  • Derrida as Cultural Theorist.
    In Inheriting Derrida. (UNM Press 2007).
  • Oppositional Approaches to FGM in African Literature.
    In FGM in Creative Writing. ed. Tobe Levin. (Africa World Press 2006).
  • Témoignage du sang: la justice des vieilles familles.
    In The Art and Genius of Anne Hébert. ed. Janis Pallister. (Fairleigh Dickinson UP 2001).

Additional Writings

  • Entries for Le déterreur, Légende et vie d’Agoun’chich, Mohamed Khaïr-Eddine, Yahia, pas de chance, and Nabile Farès.
    In Dictionnaire des pays du Maghreb. ed. Ambroise Kom. (2006).
  • Translation of Des discours contraints et de l’occulte: Procès et représentations de la (post)colonie dans le cinéma camerounais.
    In Cinema and Social Discourse in Cameroon. (Alexie Tcheuyap). Bayreuth African Studies (2005).
  • Entries for Séverin-Cécile Abega, Antoine Abel, Stanislas Adotevi, Philomène Bassek, Mongo Beti, Mbella Sonne Dipoko, Kenjo Jumbam, Ferdinand Oyono, and Guillaume Oyônô-Mbia. In Encyclopedia of African Literature. (Routledge 2002).

Awards and Grants:

  • Nomination - CASTL Program’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, 2002-2003.
  • Nomination - Gunter Starkey Award for Teaching Excellence, Univ. of New Mexico, 2002.
  • A.F.R.I.C.A. award. University of New Mexico, 2003.
  • African University Exchange Program Award ($1,500). University of New Mexico, 2002-2003.
  • French Literature Delegate Assembly
    Nominated alternate for the MLA Central and Rocky Mountain Region, 2002.

Teaching Interests:

My teaching interest often rise out of my research interests. I have taught courses focusing on African, Quebecois, and immigrant literature and on law and legal discourse. I integrate colonialism, legal discourse, and social identity into survey courses like "(R)evolutions de la justice" and "La Criminelle en France". I have also regularly taught advanced French grammar and composition centered on African literature and culture and Francophone cinema. I have taught a Summer study abroad course for seven of the past nine years, taking groups of students to Paris and south France, including the Cannes Film Festival. I have incorporated my interests in a number of Comparative Literature courses, as well as courses for Africana Studies, Freshman Learning Community courses, and European Studies seminars. Along with being Undergraduate Director this year I am undergrad French and Languages advisor and Director of European Studies.

Representative Courses:

  • MLNG 101 - Rebels With a Cause (Freshmen Learning Community)
  • COMP 223 - Images of the Self: From Ancient Greece to Modern France
  • COMP 224 - Images of the State: The Western Tradition (Freshmen Learning Community)
  • COMP 224 - Images of the State: The Western Tradition
  • AFST | AMST 380 - Three Examples of Post-Colonial Development
  • AFST | AMST 380 | COMP 332 - African Literature
  • FREN | ENGL | COMP 335 | AFST | AMST 397 - Rebels With a Cause
  • FREN 301 - French and Francophone Cinema
  • FREN 302 - Stylistics and Translation
  • FREN 302 - Un regard sur l’Afrique Centrale
  • FREN 345 - A Literary Evolution of French Justice
  • FREN 346 - (R)évolution de la justice
  • FREN 346 - All People Great and Small
  • FREN 346 | 335 - The French and the Non-French (European Studies seminar)
  • FREN 352 - Bad Boys and Girls de la France
  • FREN 352 - La Criminelle de la France
  • FREN 352 - La littérature française tout court
  • FREN 385 - From Paris to Provence
  • FREN 385 - Travels in Provence
  • FREN | ENGL | COMP 425 | GRMN 450 Immigrant Europe (European Studies seminar)
  • COMP 580 | MLNG 580 | FREN 611 - Theories of Law and Literature
  • FREN 520 - French Philosophy and Literature
  • FREN 570 - Beur ou Français?
  • FREN 570 - Ecrire l’Identité au Québec
  • FREN 570 - The Culture of Graduate Studies
  • FREN 582 - La honte et la culpabilité dans la littérature africaine
  • FREN 584 - Féminisme(s) Français et Francophone
  • FREN 600 | COMP 580 | ENGL 511 | ARCH 512 - Tracing Derrida