FLL Undergraduate German Program


Starting with Basic German that assumes no prior knowledge of the language, we offer undergraduate courses all the way to upper-division courses that focus on advanced topics in German literature, film, and culture. Students who graduate from the German program at UNM will learn:

  • to express themselves fluently and confidently in the German language,
  • to successfully navigate the cultural environments of German-speaking countries, and
  • to become perceptive readers, listeners, and viewers of German texts, films, and other media.

The German Summer School

In addition to our on-campus course offerings, every summer German students also have the unique opportunity of earning credit by enrolling for the German Summer School, an intensive 4 ½-week immersion program conducted in Taos Ski Valley, NM. The intensive nature of this program, including interaction with visiting scholars and teachers from across the U.S., Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, often enables students to advance an entire level in the course of one full session. Scholarships are available. For more information please see the weblink or contact German Summer School Office at 505-277-7367.

Undergraduate Advisor - Susanne Baackmann

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