FLL Undergraduate Classics Program


Whether you dream about reading Homer or Vergil in the original or want to understand how ancient Greece and Rome continue to exert a powerful influence upon contemporary cultures, Classical Studies offers a comprehensive program of classical languages, cultures, and traditions with several options to choose from.

The major features two concentrations: 1. Students who wish to engage in a variety of approaches and disciplines (such as History, Art History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies) choose the Civilization concentration; 2. Students whose main focus is to read classical works in the original Greek or Latin choose the Language concentration. There are also minors in Classical Studies, Greek, and Latin.

Study of the ancient world offers both intellectual and practical benefits. Many of our majors and minors pursue either a career in law, medicine, library science, popular fiction, Foreign Service, finance, or graduate study at the postgraduate level, and much more! Some are famous.

Classics Undergraduate Advisor: Osman Umurhan

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