Placement Tests

French Placement Exam

All UNM students entering French 101 or French 175 are required to take the on-line French placement exam for placement at the appropriate level.

Students in FLL receive both excellent language instruction from beginning to advanced levels, as well as the opportunity to study world literature and culture in the original language. Our undergraduate majors and minors develop cross-cultural awareness and the critical thinking necessary for students to understand their place within global culture. At the same time, we understand that proficiency in a foreign language can be a crucial element of a successful career, and we enhance this practical training by encouraging majors to combine their language study with fields such as International Studies, Political Science, Business, Economics and Communications.

French Placement Exam

Your exam results must be turned in to your instructor during the first week of class.

Students entering French language classes beyond 101 may take the exam for placement advisement. If you would like assistance in interpreting the results, please call the lower-division language coordinator at 277-0525.

German Placement Evaluations

All students enrolling in German 101, 102, 275, 201, 202 and 276 who have not already taken German courses at UNM are required to take an online placement test.

Note: Your exam results must be turned in to your instructor during the first week of class.

Students must see the German Summer School program coordinator in Ortega 229B (277-7367) M-F 8-12 & 1-5 or may email at to receive an anonymous log-in ID and password for the placement test. The student can use any computer that has headphones (or speakers, for your home computer) and QuickTime or Real Audio plug-ins.

Log on to:

The portal contains links to 3 resources:

  • Accent sheets (for typing accented characters),
  • Take A Placement Test (start taking the test here), and
  • Placement Results (test result).

Taking The German Test

    1. Click "Take a Placement Test".
    2. Click "Log-in to the Tests". This will open a new browser window without navigation buttons. (Caution: Using browser navigation buttons at any time during the test will cause your answers to be saved incorrectly!)
    3. Log in with your anonymous log-in ID and password.
    4. Click the radio button next to "UNM German Test" and then click the button "Start test".
    5. Make sure you understand the user agreement, then click the button "I accept".
    6. Read the "instructions" page carefully, then begin the test.
    7. When you have completed all sections (1-8), be sure to click the button
    8. "Commit Answers/Finish Test" so your answers can be evaluated.
    9. Log back in to  with your log-in ID and password.
    10. Click on the button "Placement Results". You will see the percentage you scored. Print out this page. Write your name in the top right-hand corner.
    11. During the first or second class meeting, provide the print-out to your instructor so he or she can see whether you are enrolled in the appropriate class level.