Xiang He (Ellen)

Assistant Professor of Chinese

Photo: Xiang (Ellen) He
Email:  xhe@unm.edu
Office:  315C
Hours:  T Th 2:00-3:00 Please email xhe@unm.edu for zoom link or appointment

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By exploring literary and filmic emergence of the “new man”, Xiang’s dissertation critically investigates the cultural and social dynamics of the first decade of Socialist China. The central question she poses is the contradiction between the socialist “new man”, a universal and philosophical ideal to overcome alienated labor, and particular over-determination of it in the Socialist China, such as the tension-charged geopolitics and mixed modes of production. Her research and teaching fieldsfocus on modern Chinese literature and film, critical theory, and intellectual thought. Currently her research project is about literary and cinematic representation of the (post)socialist modernity, especially the questions of everyday life, gender equality, and desires of cosmopolitanism. Her recent publication includes “Meditator and Doer: On the Socialist New Man in Liu Qing’s Novel The Builders”, Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, Beijing: Higher Education Press and Springer-Verlag GmbH (2012). As a member of the translation group of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project, she has translated “Haussmannization, Barricades Fight”. She is also a contributor to the move review column of Shucheng (Book Town), a well-known cultural magazine based in Shanghai.