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Upcoming Events:

No upcoming events

Old Events:

German Campus Week, October 4th to November 7th

Regular Meetings: 

French Club

Next Activity: Thursday, Nov. 30th @ 4 pm in Ortega Hall Language Learning Center Lab 5

Information for future activities!

Sprechtisch 2017

Everyone is invited to join us for pizza and drinks at our on-going German Table, held weekly at Joe's/Carraro's (Vassar & Silver) on Thursdays, starting around 7:30pm. Contrary to stereotypes about Germans, not everyone always shows up right on the hour, so if you decide to come, order a drink, sit back and relax, and people will show up eventually. Bis bald bei Joe's! 

Russian Club 2017

Fridays @ 3pm in Ortega Hall Language Learning Center

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