FLL Graduate German Studies Program

The graduate curriculum in German Studies offers historical breadth as well as particular depth in areas that correspond to the research interests of our faculty. We offer courses focusing on the aesthetic, philosophical and literary landscape of the enlightenment, romanticism, and realism, as well as seminars that trace major theoretical and cultural trends of the 20th century up to the present. Core courses offered on a regular basis are centered on important writers, aesthetic concepts, and cultural currents from the 18th through the 21st centuries, including critical theory, film studies, and gender studies. Special-topics courses offered in recent years have focused on such diverse themes as terrorism, fairy tales, and memory culture in literature and critical thought. Graduate courses are taught either in German or in English.

Graduate students in German Studies at UNM also receive thorough training in the teaching of German as a second language, including pedagogical theory and practical classroom experience. Students are encouraged to expand their academic expertise and gain linguistic proficiency by taking advantage of our academic exchange programs at partner universities in Bonn, Graz (Austria), Halle, Heidelberg, and Würzburg. Our program also offers a wealth of extra-curricular activities, such as a weekly "Sprechtisch," poetry evenings, and film screenings, which provide additional opportunities to practice German and network with other interested students.

Affiliated Programs

The German Studies program is closely affiliated with Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (CL/CS). This gives students access to a wide range of classes relevant for the German curriculum taught by FLL faculty members across a wide range of disciplines. We also support and encourage interdisciplinary work outside the department in fields such as Media Arts, Philosophy, Art History, History, and others since course work in adjacent disciplines facilitates and deepens the study of a particular research or thesis project.

The German Summer School

In addition to having access to a dynamic on-campus program, graduate students in German Studies at UNM also have the unique opportunity of earning graduate credit and teaching lower-division classes at the German Summer School. The German Summer School is an intensive 4 ½-week immersion program conducted yearly in the mountains above Taos, NM. Here, students also have the opportunity of earning an M.A. in four to five summer sessions, or in two to three summer sessions in combination with course work completed on the main campus. The German Summer School is one of only a few programs in the country that invites high school teachers to gain additional academic, pedagogical, and linguistic expertise without having to suspend their teaching careers. In order to provide the most authentic learning experience, faculty is drawn from both the US and German-speaking countries. In order to expand and complement our on-campus curriculum, we aim to invite instructors with diverse backgrounds and expertise, such as artists, politicians, business professionals, and journalists. In order to provide participants with official certification of their language proficiency (required by many universities in German-speaking countries for admittance) we also administer Goethe Institute Exams. (For more information please see The Goethe Institute website or contact schule@unm.edu)

Graduate Advisor - Katrin Schroeter

German Degree Requirements 


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