About FLL

Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at UNM. Our location in one of the country's most spectacularly beautiful and culturally diverse landscapes allows us to make a unique contribution to the study of world cultures. In addition to teaching Arabic, Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, we also house the program in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies.

Students in FLL receive both excellent language instruction from beginning to advanced levels, as well as the opportunity to study world literature and culture in the original language. Our undergraduate majors and minors develop cross-cultural awareness and the critical thinking necessary for students to understand their place within global culture. At the same time, we understand that proficiency in a foreign language can be a crucial element of a successful career, and we enhance this practical training by encouraging majors to combine their language study with fields such as International Studies, Political Science, Business, Economics and Communications.

FLL's graduate programs in Classical Studies, Comparative Literature/Cultural Studies, French, and German Studies train students in literary and cultural criticism as well as in language pedagogy, preparing them for careers as researchers and educators. Internationally recognized for their innovative scholarship and teaching, faculty members in our department are strongly interdisciplinary in their research and teaching interests.

The graduate program in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies constitutes the nexus for an exciting cross-pollination among disciplines such as English, Philosophy, Anthropology, Political Science, and Gender, Postcolonial and Film Studies. With the expansion of our Arabic and Chinese programs, we will continue to develop offerings in critical languages and cultures in response to emerging geopolitical trends.

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