Peng Yu

Lecturer II of Chinese

Photo: Peng Yu

Phone: 505-277-4771
Fax: 505-277-3599
Office: 320

Personal Statement:

Peng Yu has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language since he received his Master's degree from George Mason University in 2010. His postgraduate studies focused on curriculum and instructions in foreign languages with a special concentration on Chinese language education.

After graduate school, Peng taught Chinese classes at all levels with Virtual Virginia, a completely online course program provided by the Virginia Department of Education, full-time for a year and then part-time for two years. From that teaching experience, he became a tech savvy because the online learning environment employed every piece of language instructional technology that you can ever imagine. He brought these tech skills with him to his face-to-face classroom when he started his college teaching career in the College of William and Mary. From 2011 to 2016 he taught a good variety of undergraduate Chinese language courses including regular beginning level classes up to upper-intermediate level classes, heritage speaker classes, summer intensive classes, and beginning business Chinese (for alumni). This rich teaching experience transformed him to be an effective yet patient language educator. He is passionate about language teaching and willing to work with all students who is enthusiastic about language learning

Research Interests:

Peng's teaching and research interests focus on teaching Chinese as a foreign/heritage language, including the following aspects:

  • Chinese phonetic pedagogy
  • Chinese grammar pedagogy
  • Chinese behavioral culture
  • Task-based language learning
  • Curriculum design
  • Technology integration and online learning