Luke Gorton

Lecturer III of Classics

Photo: Luke Gorton

Phone: 505 277-4771
Fax: (505) 277-3599
Office: Humanities 457

Educational History:

2014, Ph.D. in Classics, The Ohio State University, Columbus.

Certificate earned:
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean.
Through the Grapevine: Tracing the Origins of Wine.

Research Interests:

  • Greek and Latin Language and Literature
  • Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
  • Contacts Between Greece and Near Eastern Literatures and Cultures
  • Greek, Latin, and Indo-European Linguistics

Teaching Interests:

  • Classical religions and culture (Greek Mythology, Magic in Ancient Religion, etc.)
  • Language courses (Greek, Latin, and other ancient languages)
  • Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity

Representative Courses:

  • CLST 107- Greek Mythology
  • CLST 333-334/RELG 347- Topics in Greek Literature and Culture
  • Magic in Ancient Religion
  • Sex and Gender in Ancient Religion
  • Apocalypse in the Ancient World
  • LATN 303-304 - Advanced Classical Latin
  • GREK 301-302 - Advanced Ancient Greek
  • CLST 333-334/RELG 347 - Topics in Greek Literature and Culture
  • RELG 232 - Introduction to Christian Scriptures