Emma Trentman

Assistant Professor of Arabic

Photo: Emma Trentman

Email: etrentman@unm.edu
Phone: 505 277-4771
Office: Room: 309

Personal Statement:

Emma Trentman's research is in the field of Applied Linguistics. Her main research project uses the theoretical concept of imagined communities to examine the interaction between identity and language acquisition in the context of study abroad to Egypt. This research is based on two years of fieldwork in Cairo and Alexandria. In the future, she is interested in exploring the use of technology, games and ethnographic training to enhance the study abroad experience, including pre-program training and post-program reflection. She also conducts research on the acquisition of Arabic diglossia, and her most recent paper, published in the L2 Journal, is one of the first empirical studies in this area. Emma teaches all levels of Arabic classes, and is particularly interested in following proficiency-based approaches that incorporate Arabic linguistic variation into the language classroom in a sociolinguistically authentic fashion.